We do force free puppy and dog training that works!
Locally in the North East,  globally online

Puppy and dog training for dogs over 6 months old:

Do you have a dog that lacks good manners, is constantly jumping up or ignoring your call?   Perhaps you're dealing with a persistent lead-puller or a dog that simply doesn't listen to you?  Maybe you've recently adopted a rescue or rehomed dog and are eager to establish a strong foundation for their adjustment.  Or it could be that your dog struggles to maintain calmness or is in need of a confidence boost. 

Don't worry, we have the dog training solutions you need! 

Karen provides a range of online and in-person dog training services to assist dog owners in addressing their day-to-day canine challenges. Through force-free, east-to-follow and positive "Happy Dog Training" methods, along with engaging canine enrichment and mental stimulation for dogs, she'll work with you to find effective solutions for your everyday dog training issues.

Option one: In Person Dog Training with Karen

Karen offers personal training sessions designed for your individual needs, aiming to help you overcome training hurdles, teach essential life skills in your dog, and enhance their capacity for focus, learning and ability to making good choices. Included in the price is sole use of an indoor sports hall and external fenced garden area.

Karen is qualified to support you with a wide array of challenges and training requirements, such as:

  • Enhancing your dog's focus on you and response to you
  • Building the value of staying close to you
  • Achieving reliable recall when you call your dog
  • Teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash
  • Promoting a state of calm, even in the presence of distractions
  • Addressing many common training issues
  • Boosting your dog's confidence, adaptability to new situations, and overall optimism.
  • Teaching them to "chill out" when needed.
In the sessions you'll learn positive, force-free methods that are easy to do at home to give you effective solutions to your dog training struggles.  They will provide you and your dog with the knowledge, skills and support to turn those woofs into wows!

Please note If your dog reacts to people, dogs, new places etc then please contact us about our Reactive Dog Support Package instead.

Option two: Virtual dog training sessions and packages

Are you wrestling with specific dog training challenges or grappling with unwanted behaviours such as barking, over excitement or lack of calmness? Do you long for one-on-one guidance from an experienced and certified expert?

Amidst the labyrinth of conflicting and outdated online dog training and behaviour advice, wouldn't it be a relief to engage in a personal conversation with a professional dog trainer who utilizes modern, force-free methods that deliver results?

Enter the Virtual Video session package with Karen, a flexible solution offering tailored and individualized support. This package is available to you wherever you are in the UK or worldwide.  It's a relaxed way of working through your issues and finding solutions, from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual sessions are particularly helpful for:
  • Dogs who are nervous or anxious
  • Dogs who don't travel well
  • Dogs who have been rehomed and are settling in 
  • Owners who are planning to rehome a dog and would like to start off their new life together the right way

No matter what your dog training needs are, Karen is here, ready to offer the expert guidance and advice you're seeking.

Please note If your dog reacts to people, dogs, new places etc then please contact us about our Reactive Dog Support Package instead.

Option three: Mix and Match dog training packages of support

Why not combine the benefits of both virtual and in-person sessions? 

The journey begins with a virtual consultation with Karen. During this session, you and Karen will collaboratively address your struggles and challenges and devise an action plan for immediate implementation.

Following the initial virtual meeting, you and Karen will discuss whether to continue with in-person or virtual sessions for the remaining portion, tailoring the choice to your specific preferences and needs.

Please note If your dog reacts to people, dogs, new places etc then please contact us about our Reactive Dog Support Package instead.

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