Virtual dog training

Virtual dog training sessions for dogs over 6m

From the comfort of your own home or garden!Individual training sessions with Karen to address common training issues, these might be:

  • jumping up, 
  • recall, 
  • loose lead walking, 
  • focus, 
  • calmness,
  • reducing unwanted behaviours, 
  • teaching good manners.   

Please note these are not behavioural consults, please contact us if you have any questions before booking. Choose to pay as you go or a more cost effective three session package.

By booking the package you will benefit from all of this:

  1. 3 x 45 minute 121 sessions with Karen who is a qualified trainer and behaviour advisor.
  2. Free access to our Happy Training The Foundations online course and associated downloadable resources and printables.
  3. Step by step training plans, exercises, resources and games to support your training at home.
  4. Additional digital resources and training exercises as identified to support you at home.

PAYG option includes 1 x 60min video consult plus digital training plans as appropriate.


If you are worried about virtual sessions, don't be!  All you need is a small, quiet area at home, access to a laptop/tablet/smart phone, an internet connection and some treats...oh and of course your dog! If you have a dog training need and you’ve been holding back on trying a virtual session, we urge you to take the leap and give them a go.  We think you’ll be surprised how easy and useful they can be!

Please contact us with any questions you have before booking.  


Together you'll work through some of your everyday puppy and dog challenges and plan the best way to address them.  PLEASE NOTE, THESE SESSIONS ARE NOT FOR ADDRESSING MORE COMPLEX BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES.

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Online training at your convenience

We also offer a new online training which offers an alternative flexible option for puppy owners!

Our GOOD DOG - LEVEL 1 is a 6 weeks course which will help hoomans teach their dogs 'Good Dog' behaviour.


In Person 'Family Sessions'

Karen is offering a limited number of in person 121 training sessions for puppies and dogs and their hooman family.  These sessions are useful for teaching your dog:

  • To focus on you and listen to you
  • To come back when you call 
  • To walk nicely on the lead
  • To be calm and relaxed
  • To make good choices instead of doing things we don't like such as jumping up
  • Emergency and safety behaviours - such as staying in one place, stop and leave.

What people are saying about us...

Together with our young whippet Winnie, we were attending Karen’s Happy Puppy classes until the Covid19 lockdown forced the suspension of those classes. A few weeks later we began on-line sessions. These sessions have worked exceptionally well for us. Karen’s acute observations of Winnie’s behaviour in her home setting have helped us think clearly about how best to encourage desired behaviour, and the training exercises we have learned during Skype sessions have worked well for us. 

These sessions allow Karen to see how we react to Winnie, as well as how Winnie herself acts in a natural setting. Her immediate feedback has made us more thoughtful, systematic, and consistent, in how we treat our dog, and we value her ongoing support. I highly recommend Karen and Blue Dog to anyone who wants to learn more about their dog, and who wants to shape their dogs conduct through positive methods of training.

Robin & Erica and of course Winnie the Whippet
We had 3 sessions during covid restrictions, so via computer. Our dog is a rescue dog who came to us at 9 months. Training started when she was just a year old. Being a former Romanian street dog our biggest worry was recall. We have been able for the last week to allow her off her leader for a run with other dogs. The training she had means we were comfortable at her coming back, this makes our lives easier but more importantly her life fuller. Could not recommend them enough.
Jackie and Pickle