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10% discount off A-OK9 products

We never recommend products that we haven't used with our own dogs, and that's why we are pretty choosy about who we partner with!  We are delighted to have become an A-OK9 partner so that we can bring you some pawsome discounts off their products.  

 Pablo has his CALM-K9 supplement every day mixed in with his dinner on his lick mat.  It's made such a difference to his general calmness levels, and has reduced his barking considerably!  We've found it really helpful to support his chill-out training and we think that you will find it beneficial too.  

10% off with our discount code

Get 10% off A-OK9 products by using the code BLUEDOG at checkout.


Provide natural support to the brain and gut in a scoop-a-day!

Your dog’s brain and gut impact on their behaviour, which can limit training progress and seem like you aren't making any progress at all at times!

 CALM-K9 has been specifically formulated by vet, behaviourist, trainers and a team of nutritionists to provide natural support to your training by helping to support your dog's brain and gut microbiome.

And to make sure your training is on the right track too - you get a free training eBook with every pot!  By considering these pieces of the puzzle along with training, you can move closer to your dog's transformation potential!

CALM-K9 Senior Boost

Maintaining the brain function (including sense of taste, vision and hearing) of dogs over the age of 7 is crucial so that they can continue to lead the quality and activity level of life they are used to.  You may note changes in your senior dog associated with cognitive decline:  
  • Reduced energy or alertness
  • Disorientation, confusion or forgetfulness
  • Increased anxiety
  • Disinterest

 If your dog is 8 or older, supporting your senior dog starts now.

Dental Health Support

The best way to remove plaque from teeth is by brushing. And research has shown that, unless brushing is carried out each day, brushing will have little to no impact on the onset of oral decay. 

However, as most dog owners will appreciate, it’s hard to find time to brush every day.  This is where Plaque-K9 comes in.

This easy-to-feed dental supplement which maintains dental hygiene and prevents the build up of plaque and tartar. 

Helping with problems of bad breath and dirty teeth.

Other pawsome products worth barking about!

Check out the other great health supplements available.

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  • FLEXI-K9 Helps to maintain your dog’s youthful vitality.
  • Wellness Boxes
  • FRESH-K9 Fresh-K9 hydration powder is a highly palatable energy, electrolyte and hydration drink for your dog
  • Anit-parasite supplement all-in-one immune boosting anti-parasitic that combats fleas and worms in one simple and easy to giv
  • PRIME-K9 Wellness Supplement
  • Accessories Calm Mats
  • Micro fibre towels

10% off with our discount code

Get 10% off A-OK9 products by using the code BLUEDOG at checkout.

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