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We'd never recommend products or equipment that we haven't used ourselves, that means we don't just partner up with anyone! The discounts we have secured are for companies that we have tried and tested, and who definitely get the paws up from our pups!

50% off Butternut Box fresh dog food

Want to give your furry friend the best nutrition possible? Butternut Box has been a game-changer for our pups and dogs, and we can't recommend it enough.  Their products are simply pawsome, featuring fresh, human-grade ingredients with no nasty additives.  Plus, you have the flexibility to customize your dog's menu based on their unique needs, from health to activity level and treat preferences.

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Get 10% off Dapper Dogwear handmade vegan leather collars and leads

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10% off Tug-e-nuff Toys

Our dogs LOVE their Tug-e-nuff toys and we are delighted to be able to offer you 10% off their entire range.  Click the link below to shop their toys and enter BLUEDOG at checkout for your discount.

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Grab your free puppy and dog enrichment guide and find out how to boost your dog's feelgood and reduce unwanted behaviours!  Subscribe to to The Happy Pack to get your copy straight away - it's free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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How to train a drop cue

This is a super video from Steve Mann of the IMDT to help you teach your dog yo drop on cue and feel good about it!  It's one of the most important safety cues you can train your pup or dog, have fun training it.

How to teach a dog to like wearing a muzzle

Muzzled dogs aren't bad dogs, and they could be wearing a muzzle for all sorts of reasons.  I talk about how muzzles are pawsome in my blog and this is a great video from Chirag Patel for a step by step guide to introducing a muzzle positively.