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Welcome to the home of happy puppy and dog training!  At Blue Dog we promote "happy dog training" which means we mean that we advocate force free and reward based training using the latest science and evidence.  In other words, training that's kind and fun for you and your puppy or dog... and it actually works too!

Do you have a dog with no manners, who jumps up or won't comeback when you call?  How about dog that pulls on the lead or doesn't listen to you? Maybe you've got a puppy and just want to get the right foundations in place? Or a dog that finds it difficult to be calm or lacks a bit of confidence?

We can help you!

This short video gives you a bit of an idea of what we are all about!

At Blue Dog we will never promote the use of any methods that use force, intimidation, outdated debunked methods or indeed anything that will cause your puppy or dog discomfort, fear or pain.

Through reward based training, enrichment and five minute everyday training games, we will work with you to address your everyday puppy and dog challenges.  We aim to help you understand what makes you dog tick so that you can teach and guide your puppy or dog to make good choices that work for both of you!

We want to help you get the happy, confident, well mannered and chilled out dog you always dreamed of and we want you and your pup or dog to have the most awesome relationship you can possibly have!

We believe that dog training shouldn't be formal and boring, it should be the best fun ever for you and your dog!  You will  see your dog progress and learn quickly through play based  and fun activities than they would using strict and formal methods.

Our Services

We and offer online and offline services and our activities are designed and led by Karen, who is a qualified and accredited dog trainer and behaviour advisor who is a member of the IMDT, PPGBI, a Scentwork UK trainer, and a UKCSD trained scentwork instructor.  

Virtual 121 Support and Training

Virtual training session are with Karen and totally tailored to you and your challenges. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or PC and an internet connection!

Our virtual classes and support can be just as effective, if not more so, than 'in person' activities. This is because your puppy or dog will be more relaxed in an environment in which they feel comfortable and there are fewer distractions at home and so it is often more beneficial for helping your puppy or dog to focus on you.  We give you step by step instructions about how to get online and get the most from your session - so even if you are a bit nervous of trying online, we'd urge you to give them a go.

In Person Puppy Training

We are planning to offer a limited in person service from the 11 April.  The sessions will be held outside in the lovely secure garden area and The Winlaton Centre.

From the 11 April 2021, Karen is offering a limited number of in person 121 sessions with puppies and their hooman family (up to 5 people allowed from the same household).

These sessions are useful for teaching your dog to focus on you and listen to you, to come back when you call, to walk nicely on the lead and to make good choices instead of doing things we don't like such as jumping up.

These are outdoor sessions is the secure garden area at The Winlaton Centre.

Digital Training Resources

There's so much (mis) information and conflicting 'advice' out there about dog training and behaviour, that it's difficult for owners to know where to start looking and what to believe.  That's why we've produced 'The Blue Dog Way To...' digital resources.  

The Have A Happy Puppy is a complete guide to puppy parenting and absolutely jam-packed with straightforward, easy to follow and effective guidance, training plans and activities.  It's a must read for owner's of puppies or people who are preparing to welcome a puppy to their home - even if they've had dogs in the past!  

Check out all of our digital resources.

Good Dog Level 1

Our 6 week online Good Dog Level 1 covers all the foundation exercises a dog owner needs:

  • loose lead walking, 
  • recall, 
  • focus, 
  • touch, 
  • stay in one place, 
  • leave it, 
  • chilling out   

You can train at your own pace and work through the exercises in five minute sessions. The total price is only £60.

Help with Separation Anxiety

Reactivity and behaviour advice

What people are saying about us...

I can't recommend Blue Dog enough!  Karen is an excellent trainer: caring, friendly and professional.  I have learnt so much and my dog, Flossie, has too!  All of the sessions are such fun and a lovely way to bond with your dog.  If ever Flossie finds things a little overwhelming, Karen and Phil are so supportive and still include her in all activities, allowing her to do what she can.  If you are thinking of trying puppy / dog training then you really can't do better!
Louise and Flossie the Poochon 

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