Dog reactivity support

Help with dog reactivity 

This is a new virtual service for dogs who are reactive in the presence of certain triggers that they find scary or feel anxious or fearful of.  The trigger could be anything - dogs, people, cyclists, children, men...the list goes on.  These dogs are not 'aggressive' they are in a state of mind when they are unable to do anything other then 'react' when the scary thing is around.

This is not for dogs who have exhibited moderate to severe reactions including aggression and biting.  If this is the case please consult your vet.  We would also recommend a vet check, particularly if the behaviour has suddenly started.

Packages start from £100.

This is a virtual package of support with Karen by video.

You will benefit from:

  • One initial 60 minute video consultation with Karen to look at the issue and identify the factors that are making your dog react in this way.
  • A Phase One preparation, training and decompression plan to put in place straight away that is tailored to you and your dog
  • Step by step training and enrichment exercises 
  • Digital resources as appropriate
  • A second 30 minute video session with Karen to review progress and plan next steps
  • A Phase Two plan to follow which includes a step by step approach to helping your dog stay sub threshold and begin to feel comfortable in the presence of the things that trigger negative responses..
  • Discounted online training sessions available


Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

After following Karen's advice I found it much easier to work with Digger and he now responds well to commands and is not as nervous as he was. Training him is a pleasure and I realise that it is a long term process - there are rarely quick fixes just consistency and patience!  Digger and I are now a team and he loves to visit my mum in her care home where he has become quite a popular chap!!
Barbara and Diggerdog the 3 yo Romanian Rescue rescue Terrier Cross
I have just recently finished a block of four 1 to 1 training sessions with my rescue dog Faith. I am so pleased at how far both myself and my dog have come. Karen is an amazing dog trainer. She explains everything in simple terms and encourages both yourself and the dog. I am so glad I chose to do 1 to 1 training. Faith has changed so much, she is so much more confident and happier dog. She has come so far and i think we are cracking recall and she no long jumps for reassurance now we sit and wait.
Our last session of training was amazing. We did some agility and it was fab, Faith picked it up so well and boy was she so confident going through the tunnel. Thanks to Karen my rescue dog now is confident and she is so happy and ready for a good life..
I cannot believe how much my dog has grown with a bit of training.
I would recommend anyone who is thinking of getting a dog or like us help a rescue dog to do some training with Karen.  It's amazing watching your dog grow and seeing that they are happy as their tail never stop wagging. I am sure our family rescue dog is going to have an amazing life now. Thank so much Karen you are an amazing and friendly women who loves seeing dogs thrive and grow in confidence.

Emma and Faith
I can't thank Karen enough for helping me get on the right path to dealing with my Chihuahua when he's aggressive. He has come on great after a week of putting things in place. Thanks Karen you're a star.
Lissa and Marley the Chihuahua