Reactive Dog Support five session package

Are you struggling with your dog's reactivity?  Are they displaying behaviours like excessive barking and lunging?  Are they unable to switch off and relax or have or over excitement? Look no further – our Reactive Dog Support package is here to help you and your dog.

You'll work one to one with Karen to better understand the needs of your dog and how you can help them, taking a holistic approach and employing evidence-based, force-free training methods specific to your dog and you.  Together you'll  work on an individual support plan to address and change their behaviour kindly and effectively.   This is an in-depth one to one support package for dogs who are reactive in the presence of certain triggers that they find scary or feel anxious or worried about. The trigger or triggers is specific to your dog and could be anything - dogs, people, cyclists, children, men, noises outside...the list goes on.  

Don't let reactive behaviour strain your relationship; invest in your dog's well-being and embark on a journey toward a harmonious life together. Book a Reactive Dog Support package today and kick-strt a positive transformation in your canine companion and your relationship with them.

Through personalised, one-on-one sessions tailored to your dog's specific triggers and sensitivities, we aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge required to confidently navigate the world together help grow your dog's calmness, and help them feel more relaxed and confident.

In this five session package of support you'll benefit from:

  • An initial 60 minute video consultation with Karen to look at the issues in-depth  and an individual Phase One training and decompression plan to put in place straight away that is tailored to you and your dog
  • Step by step training and enrichment exercises and helpful digital resources
  • A follow-up 60 minute video session with Karen to review progress and  a  Phase Two plan to follow.
  • Three follow-up in-person (at The Winlaton Centre) and/or virtual training sessions to build calmness and teach them essential life skills.  We'll also look at how to desensitise your dog to triggers appropriately and help them have a more positive feeling in their presence.
  • Discounted Next Steps training packages
Package of five sessions costs £265

The exact mix of video and in- person sessions will be dependent on your dog's progress and how they are responding to the plans, and we will only move them on to in -person sessions at The Winlaton Centre when they are absolutely ready to do so.

This is not for dogs who have exhibited severe reactions including aggression and biting.  If this is the case please consult your vet to check for any underlying issue.  We would also recommend a vet check before starting any package of support, particularly if the behaviour has suddenly started without reason.

Contact Karen if you are interested in this package of support