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Puppy training for puppies under 6 months old

Are you about to become a puppy parent or have you recently welcomed a puppy into your family?  Are you determined to ensure that you provide the best care and training for your pup[y?  Perhaps you're encountering common puppy challenges like nipping, housebreaking, exuberant jumping, or overwhelming excitement. 

With so much conflicting advice on puppy training available online, it can be difficult to know where to turn.  That's where we come in, because we have the perfect puppy training solutions to help you!  Explore our personalised one-on-one packages, designed to provide tailored support for your puppy, you and your family.  

Alternatively, consider buying in our comprehensive guide, "Raising a Puppy Made Simple" puppy training e-book, to make your puppy parenting journey smoother.

Karen offers a range of flexible support options to cater to soon-to-be puppy parents and those with puppies up to 6 months old. Her services include in-person, mix-and-match, and virtual puppy training sessions.  Karen's expertise lies in providing easy-to-follow, personalised guidance and assistance to address your specific puppy-related queries and challenges.  She's here to help you guide and teach your puppy essential life skills and good manners.

Option One: In Person 
Puppy Training

For puppies aged up to 6 months, Karen works with families and their pup face-to-face at The Winlaton Centre. These sessions are designed to assist you in overcoming your puppy training challenges, fostering essential life skills, and enhancing your pup's capacity to think, learn, problem-solve, and make positive decisions.

These sessions are particularly effective for refining important skills such as a reliable recall, minimizing jumping and overexcitement, and teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash. Karen's personalized support ensures that you gain a deeper understanding of your unique pup and learn how to unleash their full potential.

Option Two: Puppy 101 video puppy training (before and/or after pup's arrival)

Do you find yourself struggling with specific puppy challenges or questions? Would you like to have one-to-one guidance from a seasoned and qualified expert?  Amid the overwhelming sea of conflicting online puppy training advice, do you yearn for a one-on-one conversation with a certified dog training professional who can help kickstart your pup's journey or address your concerns?

Explore the Puppy 101 package of video sessions with Karen, offering you the invaluable opportunity for individualised and personal support. This package is flexible, allowing you to begin your sessions even before your new pup arrives, ensuring a solid plan is in place for a smooth start. You can then continue the sessions once your puppy is at home.

Karen is your go-to puppy trainer for assistance with a wide range of common puppy issues, including preparing for your puppy's arrival, facilitating a peaceful night time transition,  socialisation and confidence-building, house training, tackling problem behaviours, teaching essential life skills and more.  In fact, just about anything puppy!

Whatever your puppy-related needs may be, Karen is here to provide the expert guidance and advice you seek.

Option three: "Mix and Match" virtual and in-person puppy training sessions

Why not combine the benefits of both virtual and in-person sessions?  The journey begins with a virtual consultation with Karen, especially valuable if you're waiting for your puppy's vaccination course to be completed, ensuring you don't miss out on essential early learning and development opportunities.  During this session, you and Karen will collaboratively address your struggles and challenges and devise an action plan for immediate implementation.

Following the initial virtual meeting, you and Karen will discuss whether to continue with in-person or virtual sessions for the remaining portion, tailoring the choice to your specific preferences and needs.

It's worth noting that these packages can also be arranged in advance of your pup's homecoming.  Utilise the initial session to work closely with Karen in preparation for your new furry family member's arrival and make sure you start off on the right paw!


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Buy the A to Z of Training Your Puppy

In this comprehensive e-book, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge necessary for nurturing a calm, joyful, well-behaved, and self-assured puppy!

Within its pages, you'll discover a dedicated section on prepping for your puppy, covering essential topics like shopping for supplies, setting up your home, making the puppy feel safe and secure, preventing overwhelm, and we've even included a week-one sleep schedule and proven house training plan.

The e-book provides user-friendly, step-by-step instructions, invaluable insights, and the latest puppy parenting advice straight from Karen. This resource will guide you through every aspect of your puppy's initial months in your family's home.

By the time you've finished reading, you'll be well-equipped to avert many undesirable behaviours, fostering an even more incredible bond with your puppy.

It truly is the quintessential guide for every puppy parent. We only wish we had this resource before welcoming our first puppy into our lives all those years ago! 

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