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Play and Enrichment Your Dog's Life

Our guide to play and enrichment and how by building the easy to do activities into your dog's everyday life will:

  • make a huge positive difference to their mental wellbeing, 
  • tire them out gently and in a good way so that they are calmer and more chilled out
  • help satisfy many natural instincts and give an 'allowed' outlet for these
  • help them feel happier, more confident and more optimistic
  • help reduce many unwanted behaviours

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Our updated 'Blue Way To...have a happy puppy' is now available!

There's so much (mis) information and conflicting 'advice' out there about dog training and behaviour, that it's difficult for owners to know where to start looking and what to believe. 

That's why we've produced 'The Blue Dog Way To...have a happy puppy' digital resource.  It's a complete guide to puppy parenting and absolutely jam-packed with straightforward, easy to follow and effective guidance, training plans and activities.  It's a must read for owner's of puppies or people who are preparing to welcome a puppy to their home - even if they've had dogs in the past!  

Let us guide you through key developmental stages and critical early learning and help you to:

  • prepare for your puppy
  • settle your puppy at night - a plan for the first week
  • introduce them to their 'Den' so they love it!
  • play and enrich their life everyday
  • put an appropriate routine in place to help your puppy settle in to family life with you
  • socialise your puppy effectively - even in a pandemic
  • housetrain your puppy quickly using our rapid housetraining plan
  • use reward based training to teach them foundation exercises and good choice behaviours
  • address biting, nipping and unwanted chewing
  • address many common puppy issues using force free methods
  • start their home alone training to prevent separation issues
  • build an absolutely amazing relationship and have fun with your puppy!

Special offer £4.99 (RRP £9.99)

This resource also includes our 'Socialise your puppy - The right way' and our 'Happy Training' resource too!

Online training at your convenience 

We also offer a new online training which offers an alternative flexible option for puppy owners...

Our GOOD DOG - LEVEL 1 is a 6 weeks course with step by step 5 minute training exercises to help you teach your pup or dog to be a 'Good Dog'!

Limited special offer: £35 plus VAT

We also offer the following online learning:

  • Happy Training The Foundations
  • Keep Calm And Puppy On - A crash course in puppy parenting
  • Let's Trick Together