Why it's time to ditch your dog's bowl

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Don’t waste the opportunity to provide essential enrichment and mental stimulation for your dog. Ditch the bowl and scatter feed instead!

Bowl feeding is likely pretty un-natural for your dog, a bit like us eating out dinner off the floor! It’s such a waste of a valuable resource and unhelpful if you have a greedy dog like my Pablo, who can polish off a bowl of dog food in seconds.

Scatter feeding has so many benefits:

  • Enabling natural foraging behaviour
  • Using your dog’s mind and nose
  • Building up frustration tolerance
  • Helping your dog to relax
  • Preventing boredom related behaviours
  • Releasing feel good chemicals in their brain
  • Slowing your dog down when feeding

Scatter feeding is easy to do and doesn’t cost a penny. So why not give it a go today?