Why dog muzzles are pawsome...

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Humans in general seem to hate muzzles as they think they are a sign of an aggressive dog...they aren't!!  Muzzles are a great safety tool and we whole-heartedly support the Muzzle Up education project.

Muzzled dogs aren't bad dogs, and they could be wearing a muzzle for all sorts of reasons.

Dogs might wear muzzles because:

  • To keep them safe because he eats rocks, socks, or other non-food items that can be toxic or cause expensive and life-threatening surgeries.
  • They are nervous of other dogs, and the muzzle helps keep everyone safe during walks.
  • The owner wants to teach their dog to be comfortable wearing a muzzle in case the dog must wear one someday at the vet's.
They should always be introduced carefully, positively and incrementally.  This is a great step-by-step video introduction to muzzle training from Chirag Patel.  Do take a look if you are thinking about teaching your dog to wear a muzzle:

If you take the time to train your dog to wear the muzzle, choose one that is comfortable for your dog and ensure they should be able to pant, take food and drink easily when wearing it.  Steer clear of the types that clamps their mouth shut.

Bumas offer a custom made muzzle fitted to your dog's exact facial measurements. They are made from Biothane which is soft yet strong, which makes this a really comfortable and durable option. They also come in a wide range of colours too.

Alternatively look for a well fitted basket muzzle such as Baskerville Ultra Muzzles that allow your dog to take treats, drink, and pant comfortably - but not bite or scavenge.

The Muzzle Up Project is also a great source of information and advice.

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