Cool tips for hot days: 6 dog summer safety tips

With the arrival of summer, it's crucial to take extra steps to ensure your puppy and dog's safety and comfort during the hot weather.

This is especially important for puppies and older dogs, as they are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke and dehydration, and can struggle to regulate their body temperature effectively.

Watch this short video for my 6 essential tips to keep your dog cool and safe in the heat:

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Items that can help your dog stay cool during the hot months:

1. Cooling mats or pads

These are specially designed to absorb and dissipate heat, providing a cool surface for your dog to lie on. Look for gel-filled or water-filled cooling mats that are easy to clean and durable.

2. Cooling vests

Lightweight vests that can be soaked in water and then worn by your dog to help regulate their body temperature. Choose adjustable vests made from breathable fabric for maximum comfort.

3. Portable water bowls and bottles

Convenient and portable water bowls and bottles ensure your dog has access to fresh water on the go. Collapsible silicone bowls and bottles with attached bowls are practical for outdoor activities.

4. Dog pools

Small, durable pools designed for dogs to splash around and cool off in. Choose a pool made from puncture-resistant material that is easy to set up, clean and store.

5. Elevated cooling beds

Raised beds allow air to circulate under your dog, keeping them cooler than lying on the ground. Choose a sturdy, breathable mesh fabric that is easy to assemble, move and and clean.

6. Shade solutions

Use portable sunshades, canopies, or pop-up tents provide shade when you're outdoors. Choose lightweight, easy-to-set-up options that offer ample shade coverage.

7. Cooling Toys

Toys that can be frozen or filled with water to provide a refreshing chew experience. Choose reputable brands of durable, non-toxic materials that can be safely frozen and are easy to clean.

8. Fans and air conditioners

Portable fans or air conditioners can be used to create a cool environment for your dog indoors or in outdoor areas like patios. Battery-operated or rechargeable fans are practical for outdoor use.

9. Dog sunscreen

Sunscreen formulated specifically for dogs to protect their skin, especially if they have thin fur or light-coloured coats. Certain breeds such as Bull Terriers are particularly at risk of sunburn. Ensure the sunscreen is pet-safe and non-toxic, and apply it to areas like the nose, ears, and tummy.

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