Boost your dog's feelgood and reduce many unwanted behaviours at the same time!

  • Do you want to reduce some of those unwanted behaviours your puppy and dog engages in such as barking, inappropriate chewing or over-excitement?
  • Would you like to help your dog chill-out, be calmer and able to self soothe?
  • How about giving their "feelgood" and confidence a boost?
Making time for playtime and enrichment activities in your dog's day can help you achieve all of these things!  

We all know that our dogs need physical activity to keep them healthy, but building different enrichment activities, play and brain games into your dog's day is just as essential for their wellbeing.

Ten minutes of these types of activities is the equivalent to 30 to 60 minutes of physical exercise, so your dog is tired in a gentle way and much more likely to be calmer, content and more chilled out. The other great thing about introducing these activities is that your dog will be much less likely to engage in unwanted behaviours as you've given them alternative, appropriate things to do instead!

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