Virtual puppy training

Virtual Puppy Problem Solving, Support and Training - sessions for owners with pups up to 6m old

Benefit from tailored support from Karen by video via Facebook Messenger, Face Time, Whats App, Zoom or Skype.

Together you'll work through some of your everyday puppy and dog challenges and plan the best way to address them.  


At the time of booking you will select your appointment slot and pay for the session in full.  

Find out more about our Stay at Home Services.

Please contact us with any questions you have before booking.  

For pups up to 6 months old, these sessions will give information, guidance and answer questions so that owners are still able to support their puppies socialisation, learning and development during these critical early months so that they give their pup the best possible start they can.  This individual support sessions take place from the safety and comfort of your own home.  Karen will support you to put a structure in place to help your puppy develop into a well-rounded, confident and happy dog and minimise the chance for unwanted behaviours occurring in the future.  

Choose from either "pay as you go" or the even more cost effective package option.

Stay at Home Puppy Training and Support Package

In addition to discussing puppy socialisation, including busting myths and looking at how to get it right, we can also look at:

  • Housetraining
  • Den (crate or pen) training
  • Building up to being left alone 
  • Chilling and relaxing
  • Chewing, mouthing and nipping
  • Positive reinforcement training

You will also receive our How to have a happy puppy ebook and digital resources to support you and your family to guide and teach your puppy in the all important early developmental stage.

Only £75 for 3 sessions

Stay at Home Puppy Training and Support pay as you go

£35 per session

Stay at Home Prep For Your Pup Session


Karen offers video support to people who are thinking about getting a puppy or are preparing for a new arrival.

A video session with Karen.  This could be right at the start of your journey to finding a pup to look at choosing the right breed, what to look out for in a breeder, and how to identify things that should ring alarm bells.  

Maybe you've chosen a breeder and need some help with choosing the right pup? Or perhaps you'd like some support to work with the breeder to get pup ready to come home with you? 

Or maybe just a little bit of help in getting ready for that all important first night and week at home with you - what to buy, how to set things up in the home, introducing the "den, settling pup in, housetraining  and all other "new puppy" preparations. 

Karen can help with all of these things!

You'll also get a free download of our "Preparing for your new puppy" digital resource.

Introductory offer: 'Prep for your pup' session £30


Our customers have given us great feedback about our Stay at Home services, since we launched them.

We booked the virtual puppy package to help us with our new puppy Storm as we were unable to book Karen in person due to the Covid 19 situation. I would thoroughly recommend the package for anyone with a new puppy or older dog for anyone unable to use Karen in person. Karen offers sensible, easy solutions to common problems in a clear to understand way that the whole family can follow. Her advice really works and helped us with many situations and difficulties. We would suggest using her package of three sessions and we will definitely go on to meet with Karen in person when the situation allows.

Emma and Storm the German Shepherd puppy

Specialist Stay at Home Services 

The keys to a calmer, happier and more content dog.  With Karen you'll look at things you can do to build calmness and your dog's ability to chill out.  We'll look at how building enrichment activities into your dog's routine can help nervous and excitable dogs become calmer and more able to relax and how you can use positive training to train calm and settled behaviours.   

Take steps to prepare your puppy to be okay when left on their own. and what you can do to start to build up their ability to cope when you are not around.  We'll look at your daily routine and plan things so that you are able to build confidence and independence.  This is for pups under 12m and not for dogs who you have already developed Separation Anxiety - please contact us if this is something you need help with.