Puppy support and training

Virtual Puppy Parenting Support - for owners with pups up to 6m old

For pups up to 6 months old, these sessions will give information, guidance and answer questions so that owners can effectively support their puppies socialisation, learning and development during these critical early months and enable them to give their pup the best possible start they can.  These individual support sessions take place from the safety and comfort of your own home with Karen.  

Karen will support you to put a structure in place to help your puppy develop into a well-rounded, confident and happy dog and minimise the chance for unwanted behaviours occurring in the future.  She will provide guidance and support to answer your puppy questions, address the struggles you are having and help you with training your puppy life skills and manners.

Virtual Puppy Training and Support 


In addition to putting in place a puppy socialisation plan we can also look at:

  • Settling your puppy at night
  • Den (crate or pen) training
  • Putting a daily routine in place to help puppy have down time and get enough sleep
  • Socialising your puppy even in a pandemic
  • Housetraining your puppy
  • Playing and enriching your pup's life and how that can help prevent unwanted behaviours, build their confidence and strengthen your bond
  • 'Happy training' of basic foundation behaviours
  • Addressing unwanted behaviours
  • Dealing with biting, nipping and chewing
  • Doing home alone training
  • And anything else puppy related

AS A BONUS: If you book the package, you'll also receive a free download of our 'The Blue Dog Way To...have a happy puppy' resource pack.

At the time of booking you will select your appointment slot and pay for the session in full.  Please contact us with any questions you have before booking.  


We also offer virtual sessions to help you prepare for your new puppy and then settle them into your new home.  

Virtual Prep For Your Pup Session

Our new 'Blue Way To...have a happy puppy' is now available

There's so much (mis) information and conflicting 'advice' out there about dog training and behaviour, that it's difficult for owners to know where to start looking and what to believe. 

That's why we've produced 'The Blue Dog Way To...have a happy puppy' downloadable resource.  It's jam-packed with straightforward, easy to follow and effective guidance, training plans and activities.  It's a must read for owner's of puppies or people who are preparing to welcome a puppy to their home - even if they've had dogs in the past!  

Let us guide you through key developmental stages and critical early learning and help you to:

  • prepare for your puppy
  • settle your puppy at night - a plan for the first week
  • introduce them to their 'Den' so they love it!
  • play and enrich their life everyday
  • put an appropriate routine in place to help your puppy settle in to family life with you
  • socialise your puppy effectively - even in a pandemic
  • housetrain your puppy quickly using our rapid housetraining plan
  • use reward based training to teach them foundation exercises and good choice behaviours
  • address biting, nipping and unwanted chewing
  • address many common puppy issues using force free methods
  • start their home alone training to prevent separation issues
  • build an absolutely amazing relationship and have fun with your puppy!

Special introductory offer £7.99


We know you might be worried about choosing virtual session, but there are many many potential benefits identified by our existing clients...take a look below!

Why virtual puppy training is a great option for your and your puppy!

If you are worried about virtual sessions, don't be!  All you need is a small, quiet area at home, access to a laptop/tablet/smart phone, an internet connection and some treats...oh and of course your dog!

COVID-19 restrictions are here to stay, at least in the short to medium term and this means that ‘in person’ sessions are going to be extremely limited and that virtual sessions are going to be essential in training puppies and dogs going forwards.  

The clock is ticking for young puppies and that’s why it is vital that you get the support you need as early as possible, rather than waiting and hoping that there will be puppy classes to attend after restrictions are lifted.  Waiting means that you will have missed the small window of puppy learning and development. 

Things that most likely could have been addressed easily in the early days, may well become much bigger problems that are difficult to address the older a dog gets.  So, even if you think that the virtual will not be as good as in person then you need to ask yourself...isn’t any training, guidance and support is far better than nothing at all?  We urge your please DO NOT wait, let’s prevent problems starting rather than trying to tackle them in a few months.

Similarly, dog training needs rarely ‘get better’ on their own without intervention, and delaying addressing these may result in them getting worse as a result of the dog continuing to practise and strengthen the behaviour.

So if you have a puppy or dog training need and you’ve been holding back on trying a virtual session, we urge you to take the leap and give them a go.  We think you’ll be surprised how easy and useful they can be!

Done right, virtual classes and support can be just as effective, if not more so in some ways than 'in person' activities for all types of training and support - this even includes recall and loose lead walking!

In our experience of running virtual sessions and the feedback from clients has identified the following key benefits for you and your dog:

  1. Your puppy or dog will be more relaxed in an environment in which they feel comfortable
  2. There are fewer distractions at home, and so it is often a more beneficial place for helping your puppy or dog to focus on you and respond to training
  3. Training calm behaviours and chill out activities are so much easier in a familiar environment than in a stimulating and exciting one
  4. We’d always recommend that owners start all of their foundation training at home first of all anyway.  There’s absolutely no disadvantage to training with us at home from the start and then gradually taking it out and about.
  5. Weather is not an issue so your pup and  you won't get too cold, wet or hot.  The other advantage is that classes can always go ahead regardless of the weather, so there’ll be no cancellations as with ‘in person’ sessions held outside.
  6. You can get individual coaching and feedback in real time
  7. You don't have to get dressed, pack your bag up and travel to a class -  you can even do it in your pyjamas if you want! 

So...we think virtual sessions are great!  However, we do know that the thought of doing a Zoom or another type of virtual session can be really daunting at first, and we want you to get as much out of it as possible. 

Please don't worry about virtual training - we are here to help you.  

Take a look at our beginner's guide.

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Find out more about our Stay at Home Services.

Our customers have given us great feedback about our Stay at Home services, since we launched them.

We booked the virtual puppy package to help us with our new puppy Storm as we were unable to book Karen in person due to the Covid 19 situation. I would thoroughly recommend the package for anyone with a new puppy or older dog for anyone unable to use Karen in person. Karen offers sensible, easy solutions to common problems in a clear to understand way that the whole family can follow. Her advice really works and helped us with many situations and difficulties. We would suggest using her package of three sessions and we will definitely go on to meet with Karen in person when the situation allows.

Emma and Storm the German Shepherd puppy

Specialist Stay at Home Services 

The keys to a calmer, happier and more content dog.  With Karen you'll look at things you can do to build calmness and your dog's ability to chill out.  We'll look at how building enrichment activities into your dog's routine can help nervous and excitable dogs become calmer and more able to relax and how you can use positive training to train calm and settled behaviours.   

Take steps to prepare your puppy to be okay when left on their own. and what you can do to start to build up their ability to cope when you are not around.  We'll look at your daily routine and plan things so that you are able to build confidence and independence.  This is for pups under 12m and not for dogs who you have already developed Separation Anxiety - please contact us if this is something you need help with.