Virtual Happy Puppy Sessions with Karen Package One


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This is a new service introduced in response to the COVID-19 emergency and to support the Stay at Home message.  Karen is offering video face to face 121 sessions for owners of puppies to help them during this period of time.  You will need Facebook Messenger, Face Time, Whats App or Skype to access this service.

Karen is offering video face to face 121 sessions for owners of puppies to help and support them during this period of time, so that owners are still able to support their puppies learning and development during these critical early months so that they give their pup the best possible start they can.

This individual support session will be the same as a Happy Puppy home visit only from the safety and comfort of your own home.  Karen will support you to put a structure in place so that your puppy develops into a well-rounded, confident and happy dog and minimise the chance for unwanted behaviours occurring in the future.  

Topics may include:

  • Puppy socialisation - busting myths and getting it right
  • Housetraining
  • Den (crate or pen) training
  • Building confidence and independence
  • Chilling and relaxing
  • Chewing, mouthing and nipping
  • Addressing unwanted behaviours
  • Safety training such as recall
  • Good manners training
  • Mental enrichment 
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Focus on you
  • Building the bond with your puppy
  • Managing the home environment to help pup succeed
  • And more

You will also receive a Happy Puppy e-book, training activity exercise notes and other useful resources.