Happy Puppy Plus for pups 5m to 12m


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A four week course for pups aged between 5 months and 12 months old at the start of the course. 

This course is also suitable as a follow on for all pups (even if slightly under 5m) who have completed our Happy Puppy Foundation course.

A maximum of six dogs per class, the sessions are force free and fun and we'll focus on:

  • Confidence building activities 
  • Teaching essential life skills and good manners training
  • Loose lead walking 
  • A reliable recall
  • Safety cues such as "Stop", "Drop" and "Wait"
  • Staying in one place
  • Tackling unwanted behaviours by reinforcing alternative behaviours
  • Relaxing, calmness and chilling out
  • The importance of mental stimulation and ideas to build into your dog's daily routine
  • Focus on you
  • Useful "tricks"

Pups and dogs must be able to remain calm around other people and dogs.  If your pup is not able to be around others calmly and get over excited, vocal or anxious then this session is perhaps not for you - please contact us to discuss before booking.