Doggy Mixtures Level One at The Winlaton Centre


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This entry level course is for dogs over 5m and is about having fun with your dog, working as a team, enriching their lives and trying all sorts of new things together!

The three week course includes:

  • Trying out fun size agility to build confidence, independence and fulfil natural instincts. 
  • Trick training to work as a team and encourage your dog to learn and try new things.
  • Nosework games to play with your dog to get their nose working and fulfil their natural instincts.
  • Target training and how this can be used to have everyday fun with your dog to keep their mind active.
  • Training games and activities to help focus and recall.

*some activities are dependent upon weather conditions and the programme may vary slightly.

Pups and dogs must be able to remain calm around other people and dogs.  If your pup is not able to be around others calmly and get over excited, vocal or anxious then this session is perhaps not for you - please contact us to discuss before booking.