Doggy Mixtures at The Winlaton Centre


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This course is for dogs over 6m is about having fun with your dog, working as a team, enriching their lives and trying all sorts of new things together!

The three week includes:

  • Trying out fun size agility to build confidence, independence and fulfil natural instincts. 
  • Trick training to work as a team and encourage your dog to learn and try new things.
  • Clicker training to develop your skills and your dog's confidence so you can train your dog more complex behaviours
  • Nosework games to play with your dog to get their nose working and fulfil their natural instincts
  • Target training and how this can be used to train tricks and "assistance" tasks
  • Training games and activities 
  • Interactive feeding ideas that you can easily build into your daily routine..
  • The importance of play and how to satisfy breed characteristics

Some activities may not always be possible due to the weather

*some activities are dependent upon weather conditions and the programme may vary slightly.