Dog Detectives Introduction to Scentwork Level 1 at The Winlaton Centre


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Category nosework

Karen is a Level 4 Scentwork UK and UK College of Scent Dogs trainer.  She offers classes that are great for all pet dogs regardless of breed or experience.

In this course we will cover:

  • The way a dog uses their nose
  • The importance of nose-work to a dog
  • The part it plays in the mental and physical well-being of our pet dogs
  • How to use a clicker or marker correctly
  • Box and luggage searches, table and chair searches and vehicle searches
  • Introducing a target scent to your dog
  • Motivating your dog to search for a scent
  • Introducing outdoor searches
  • How to continue scentwork at home

Places limited to five dogs.

 Pups and dogs must be able to remain calm around other people and dogs.  If your pup is not able to be around others calmly and get over excited, vocal or anxious then this session is perhaps not for you - please contact us to discuss before booking.