Separation anxiety and home alone training

Separation Anxiety and Home Alone Training


Many owners don't even realise that their dog suffers from anxiety when left alone and may only realise this when their dog becomes destructive or their neighbour complains about the barking.  For many dogs their owners leaving them causes significant anxiety, distress and essentially results in the puppy or dog have a "panic attack".

If your dog is suffering from Separation Anxiety (also known as Separation Distress) Karen can work with you to help put things in place to address this and help you to build up your dog's ability to cope without you.

Separation Anxiety is a serious issue that will not resolve itself on it's own without remedial action being taken and Karen will work with you to put things in place to address this.  Separation Anxiety treatment is absolutely possible with owner commitment and with Karen's help owners can turn transform both theirs and their puppy or dog's life.  Karen has undertaken Separation Anxiety training with leading reputable training bodies and has undertaken significant research in this area of work.

The initial virtual consultation may be standalone for low level cases or part of a more comprehensive package of support for more complex cases.  It will usually include an assessment of your dog, drafting an plan to put in place straight away to start to help your dog and exploring further support options where appropriate.  

Home Alone Training for Puppies   

If you are a little worried about helping your puppy becoming a little too dependent on you and want to help your dog be able to stay at home and happy then Karen offers some lower level support via video.

Take steps to prepare your puppy for life in the "new normal" and what you can do to start to build up their ability to cope when you are not around.  We'll look at your daily routine and plan things so that you are able to build confidence and independence.

This is designed for owners of new puppies, but may also be helpful for settling newly rehomed dogs too.

Karen will support you with digital resources and reduced price follow up sessions as appropriate.  If Karen thinks the issues you are experiencing require additional support as the problem is more complex, then she can offer packages of support to help you with this.

These services are Stay at Home Services and you will benefit from tailored support from Karen by video via Facebook Messenger, Face Time, Whats App or Skype.

Together you'll work through some of your everyday puppy and dog challenges and plan the best way to address them.  These are only for addressing issues specified not wider behavioural issues.

At the time of booking you will select your appointment slot and pay for the session in full.  

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