Preparing for your new puppy

We can help you prepare for your new puppy

Thinking of getting a puppy? 

Not sure which breed is right for your family? 

Worried about choosing a poor breeder or even being fooled into buying from a puppy farm? 

Not sure how to prepare for your arrival or what you'll need in place for that all important first night and week in your home?

Don't worry - we are here to help you!


A video session with Karen.  This could be right at the start of your journey to finding a pup to look at choosing the right breed, what to look out for in a breeder, and how to identify things that should ring alarm bells.  

Maybe you've chosen a breeder and need some help with choosing the right pup? Or perhaps you'd like some support to work with the breeder to get pup ready to come home with you? 

Or maybe just a little bit of help in getting ready for that all important first night and week at home with you - what to buy, how to set things up in the home, introducing the "den, settling pup in, housetraining  and all other "new puppy" preparations. 

Karen can help with all of these things!

Introductory offer: Prepare for your pup session only £30 

As an added bonus you'll also get a download of our "Preparing for your new puppy" digital resources.

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The Ultimate Happy Puppy Foundations Package

This is the most comprehensive package we offer to help you give your pup the best start you possibly can!

Booked separately the services would cost £215 but booking this package costs only £175!

You'll benefit from:

  • A video call with Karen to prepare for your puppy's arrival, including what essentials you'll need, setting up your home environment and how to work with your breeder to get your puppy ready for coming home with you. You'll also plan your pup's journey home, and their first night and week at home with Karen. 
  • A download of our "Preparing for your new puppy" ebook.
  • A follow up video call with Karen during your first week or two with pup to iron out any issues and make sure everything is on the right track.
  • A six hour Happy Puppy Foundations group course with digital resources to support you at home.
  • A download of our "How to have a happy puppy" ebook with top tips, a comprehensive socialisation plan, step by step training exercises and troubleshooting advice on all things puppy.
  • A follow up video call with Karen during the course or in the month after the course ends.
  • An In Person Family Session with Karen following the Happy Puppy Foundations course.
  • Discounted additional In Person Family Sessions by arrangement.