Preparing for a puppy

We can help you prepare for your new puppy

Thinking of getting a puppy? 

Not sure which breed is right for your family? 

Worried about choosing a poor breeder or even being fooled into buying from a puppy farm? 

Not sure how to prepare for your arrival or what you'll need in place for that all important first night and week in your home?

Just want to get it right from the start?

Don't worry - we are here to help you!

A video session with Karen.  This could be right at the start of your journey to finding a pup to look at choosing the right breed, what to look out for in a breeder, and how to identify things that should ring alarm bells.  

Maybe you've chosen a breeder and need some help with choosing the right pup? Or perhaps you'd like some support to work with the breeder to get pup ready to come home with you? 

Or maybe just a little bit of help in getting ready for that all important first night and week at home with you - what to buy, how to set things up in the home, introducing the "den, settling pup in, housetraining  and all other "new puppy" preparations. 

Karen can help with all of these things!

You will also benefit from our FREE Keep Calm and Puppy On download too.

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There's so much (mis) information out there about dog training and behaviour that it's difficult for owners to know where to start and what to believe. That's why we've produced 'The Blue Dog Way To...have a happy puppy' download.  It aims to give you clear comprehensive guidance, evidence-based information and step by step exercises and plans to help you:

  • prepare for your puppy
  • settle your puppy at night a plan for the first week
  • introduce them to their 'Den' so they love it!
  • play and enrich their life everyday
  • put an appropriate routine in place to help your puppy settle in to family life
  • socialise your puppy effectively - even in a pandemic
  • housetrain your puppy quickly using our housetraining plan
  • address biting, nipping and unwanted chewing
  • address many common puppy issues using force free methods
  • start their home alone training to prevent separation issues
  • build an absolutely amazing relationship and have fun with your puppy!

Special offer: Only £6.99 (RRP £9.99)

What people are saying about us...

I’d recommend Blue Dog Canine Services to anyone needing help or advice with their dogs. Karen has been so supportive through our online sessions, a great source of advice and knowledge particularly for me as a first time dog owner with a very lively little pup! Bo and I have come a long way and we’ve both learned a lot with Karen’s help.
Lucy and Bo the Cockerpoo