Fun For Our Cockapoo Friends

"Cockapoo Capers" at The Winlaton Centre

  • Sunday 26 May 4.15pm

A lovely group specifically designed to meet the breed needs of both the "Cocker" and the "Poo".  Relaxed and social sessions where you'll meet other owners and participate in a range of fun activities and training games that you can replicate at home.  

We'll look at how you can use play, enrichment and training to provide essential stimulation, give them a "hobby" and fulfil their natural instincts.

All spaniel-poodle crosses welcome!

Places are limited and you must book in advance.

Thank you so much for a really fun learning experience for Dexter and I. We both learnt a lot which we will continue to work on at home.   It was brilliant hosting the session for cockapoos as it gave me a chance to socialise with other owners and to discuss and share experiences, which I found invaluable! I loved your training style as it was really cheery and you were great with the dogs giving them good vibes of encouragement in a very positive way!
Andrea and Dexter

A Little Bit of Everything!

Brand new for 2019 "Doggy Mixtures"

Introductory offer only £55 for a five week course 

This brand new five week course for dogs over 6m is about having fun with your dog, working as a team, enriching their lives and trying all sorts of new things together!

The course may include:

  • Trying out fun size agility to build confidence, independence and fulfil natural instincts. 
  • Trick training to work as a team and encourage your dog to learn and try new things.
  • Clicker training to develop your skills and your dog's confidence so you can train your dog more complex behaviours
  • Nosework games to play with your dog to get their nose working and fulfil their natural instincts
  • Fun flyball basics (weather permitting) - dogs under 1 year cannot use jumps
  • Target training and how this can be used to train tricks and "assistance" tasks
  • Training games and activities 
  • Interactive feeding ideas that you can easily build into your daily routine..
  • The importance of play and how to satisfy breed characteristics

Some activities may not always be possible due to the weather

*some activities are dependent upon weather conditions and the programme may vary slightly.

Hi Karen and Phil Thank you so much for yet another fabulous training course. We had a great time learning new ways of looking after our puppy and with your help she is growing into a confident and happy dog. She loved the mental stimulation and was always excited when we pulled into the car park to start another session! Looking forward to the gold training course next!
Judith, Neil and Bonnie

Fun Agility 

Fun Agility Foundations at Swalwell Cricket Club

  • Saturday 11 May 11am to 1pm

It doesn't matter what breed of dog you have or what experience they have, if they are fit and health we have an appropriate and safe activity for them. From Chihuahas to Labradors and Cockers to Poodles...they all love agility!  In our agility sessions, it's not about winning or beating the clock, it's about you and your dog having a great time together. 

Agility is a great way to build a dog's confidence, reinforce essential commands such as "come" and "stay" and provides a fantastic opportunity to bond and have fun with your dog. It provide great physical exercise, mental stimulation and fulfils many of their natural instincts.

These low impact 2 hour minute sessions give you a taste of fun agility.  

We'll try out  A frame, tunnel, jumps and weaves.

The sessions are suitable for healthy dogs over 6 months old (please note dogs under 12 months will not be able to use the jumps at height).  Your dog will love it!

£25 per dog for a fully coached two hour session

A group environment is not necessarily a suitable option for some dogs.  Contact us if your dog is nervous, excitable (including being very vocal), anxious or reactive please to discuss what best suits your pup or dogs needs.  

Click to see important information for group participants and terms and conditions of booking.

Force Free Trick Training

“Let's Trick Together" 

  • Trick training is all about teamwork – you and your dog work together to achieve something great!
  • It improves your dogs ability to learn and try new things – you are helping your dog learn how to learn
  • It is a great bonding tool and teaches your dog that it is great to learn with you.
  • It is a chilled out way for reactive or nervous dogs and owners to spend time together.
  • It is great for confidence building as dogs start to figure things out for themselves. Praising and rewarding them really helps them feel good too.
  • It is fun and rewarding for both you and your dog!
Wasn't sure what to expect & thought only certain breeds would manage it - total misconception. Daisy (Shar Pei pup) and I had a brilliant time. 
The emphasis on the day was all about having FUN with our dogs - and we certainly had that! Daisy loved every minute and had a smile on her face all day.  If you're looking to have more fun time with your dogs don't hesitate to try this.

Lesley & Daisy