Happy Puppy Foundations  Training Package

A fun and friendly four week foundation course for pups aged 5 months and under at the start of the course.  Each session lasts 75 minutes and there are only a small number of puppies in each group.

Available dates:

  • Sunday 12 July 1pm
  • Sunday 23 August 10am

We'll focus on socialisation, confidence building, good manners, reward based training, fun training games, calmness, enrichment, recall, safety cues such as drop, handling and basic everyday training.  

You'll get support to tackle unwanted behaviours and advice on a range of puppy related topics.  We'll also look at the importance of mental stimulation and nosework, with ideas you can build into your daily routine.  

Every owner will receive digital resources each week to support them at home.

You'll also benefit from:

A Stay at Home Puppy Foundations video session with Karen to talk through your individual puppy challenges for individual and tailored support for you and your family.


A complimentary How to Have a Happy Puppy e-book, packed with our top tips to help you have a calm, confident and happy puppy,

Karen also offers Happy Puppy Family Sessions which can be attended by up to 5 people from the same household.  Find out more about those here.

For health and safety reasons we are unable to share or loan equipment and we will need you to ensure your puppy is wearing a collar and preferably a harness and you will need to supply your own water and bowl and a training line. Pups need to be fully vaccinated and given vet clearance to go out and about around other dogs.

This short video is for owners that have booked Happy Puppy Foundations but it's definitely worth a watch if you are considering booking a course.

Please note running this group is subject to change as it is dependent upon Government Guidance and Law.  

At this time we are only able to allow one person per puppy and we will need to run our sessions outside.  There are no toilet facilities and we are unable to loan equipment so we would recommend watching the introduction video so you know what to bring with you.

Please contact us with any questions you have before booking.  

Absolutely amazing course for puppies.  A great introduction to training, socialisation and mental stimulation.  Wow, what a difference in my little pup.  Trainers are outstanding with very caring and nurturing ways, encouraging owners as well as the puppies.  Thank you

Michelle and Bella the Pom