Puppy training classes for pups up to 5m

'Keep Calm And Puppy On'

Our most comprehensive package of small group puppy training and owner support EVER! There is a maximum of 4-5 puppies in a class.  This is an essential package for all new puppy owners to ensure that they give their puppy the best possible start in life.

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A crash course in puppy parenting for all new puppy owners!

Five small group, live training sessions in a secure outdoor garden area at The Winlaton Centre (or in their indoor sports hall if the weather means we cannot train outside.  These classes are for pups up to 5m old at the start of the course.

These 60 minute sessions will cover:

  • Recall, 
  • Walking nicely on the lead
  • Chilling out and calmness
  • Good manners training inc no jumping
  • Focus on and listen to the hooman
  • Socialisation
  • Confidence building 
  • Play and enrichment
  • Training games 
  • Force free ways to tackle unwanted behaviours and teach pip how to make good choices 

We offer three 'Keep Calm And Puppy On' packages

There are currently three packages available to book, each with a different level of support.  These are our most comprehensive package ever for new puppy owners and customer feedback has been amazing.  By choosing one of our packages you can help give your puppy the best start in life for less than 5% of the cost of an average puppy!  This really is an  investment in your puppy's future and getting things right at this stage can prevent lots of problem behaviours down the line and set them up for life.

Your five week course plus

Bonus One: Full access to our Keep Calm And Puppy On complete online learning resource (RRP £29.99)

Bonus Two: Keep Calm And Puppy On download (RRP £9.99)

Bonus Three: Our Happy Training Download - including step by step training plans for essential foundation behaviours every pup should know

Bonus Four: 40% off a Virtual 121 session or 3 x virtual 121s with Karen 

Bonus Five: Book additional virtual 121 x 2 at less than half price!

Bonus Six: Access to all online course materials, resources and information for a month after the course ends. 


All that is included in Package One plus more than 40% off* a Virtual 121 session with Karen  - this can focus on all sorts of individual issues and challenges you have and can support you with housetraining/crate training, routines and settling and can even be used before getting your puppy so that you are prepared.  It can be taken at any point before or during the course (121 sessions cost £45 if booked as a PAYG).


All that is included in Package Two 2 additional virtual 121s at more than 50% off normal rate* (121 sessions cost £45 if booked as a PAYG)

What people are saying about us

Molly has just completed her puppy course she has done amazing at 20 weeks her recall is amazing Karen is really knowledgeable there is no pressure so training has been really easy and puppy’s love it because she makes it fun 
All socially distancing measures in place would highly recommend blue dog canine services.  
Thanks again Gill and Michael and of course molly xx
Gillian and Molly the Cockapoo
Absolutely amazing course for puppies.  A great introduction to training, socialisation and mental stimulation.  Wow, what a difference in my little pup.  Trainers are outstanding with very caring and nurturing ways, encouraging owners as well as the puppies.  Thank you
Michelle and Bella the Pom
Bertie has just completed the happy puppy foundation course.  The classes were fun, friendly and supportive. Over the four sessions we’ve picked up lots of advice and tips from Karen and Phil. Thank you.
Jenny and Bertie the Cockerpoo
We would 100% recommend Blue Dog Canine Services. Karen and Phil are knowledgeable, approachable and adapted the sessions to suit the puppies requirements. Edie definitely seemed to enjoy each session, Karen was easily able to adapt the session to ensure Edie was getting the most out of it that she possibly could. We are hoping to continue classes with Karen and Phil in the future. Thank you!
Alisaa and Edie the Golden Retriever

Who is this course for?

This course is for owners who:

  • Want to give their puppy the best start in life they can
  • Want to be supported by a qualified, force free trainer
  • Want to use force free methods that work and are based on the most up to date science
  • Want to understand how they can support and guide their puppy to make good choices
  • Who want a well behaved, happy, calm and content puppy
  • Who want to have fun and make lovely memories with their puppy
  • Who want their puppy to have safe, positive and varied experiences around other people, puppies and in new environments
  • Who want to meet other owners who are like minded 

This course is not for owners who:

  • Want quick fixes to "problems"
  • Aren't prepared to follow the programme in order to get the best outcomes for their puppy
  • Want unmanaged puppy 'pile on' activities
  • Aren't willing to use positive reinforcment.

Worried about Zooming?

If you are worried about virtual sessions, don't be!  All you need is a small, quiet area at home, access to a laptop/tablet/smart phone, an internet connection and some treats...oh and of course your dog!

Done right, virtual classes and support can be just as effective, if not more so in some ways than 'in person' activities for all types of training and support. 

In our experience of running virtual sessions and the feedback from clients has identified the following key benefits for you and your dog:

  1. Your puppy or dog will be more relaxed in an environment in which they feel comfortable
  2. There are fewer distractions at home, and so it is often a more beneficial place for helping your puppy or dog to focus on you and respond to training
  3. Training calm behaviours and chill out activities are so much easier in a familiar environment than in a stimulating and exciting one
  4. We’d always recommend that owners start all of their foundation training at home first of all anyway.  There’s absolutely no disadvantage to training with us at home from the start and then gradually taking it out and about.
  5. Weather is not an issue so your pup and  you won't get too cold, wet or hot.  The other advantage is that classes can always go ahead regardless of the weather, so there’ll be no cancellations as with ‘in person’ sessions held outside.
  6. You can get individual coaching and feedback in real time and ask questions more easily
  7. You don't have to get dressed, pack your bag up and travel to a class -  you can even do it in your pyjamas if you want! 

So...we think virtual sessions are great!  However, we do know that the thought of doing a Zoom or another type of virtual session can be really daunting at first, and we want you to get as much out of it as possible. Check out our beginner's guide to virtual classes.

If you prefer individual support...

As an alternative, you can also book a block of 3 in person or virtual family sessions or mix and match virtual and in person sessions too!

Online training at your convenience 

Keep Calm And Puppy On

This course is an essential guide for all new (or soon to be new) puppy owners...it covers everything that we'd wished we'd know before we got a puppy.  It would have stopped us making a tonne of mistakes!