In person family training

In Person Family Training Sessions With Karen

From 1 April,  Karen is offering a limited number of in person 121 training sessions for puppies and dogs and their hooman family (up to 5 people allowed from the same household).

These sessions are useful for teaching your dog:

  • To focus on you and listen to you
  • To come back when you call 
  • To walk nicely on the lead
  • To be calm and relaxed
  • To make good choices instead of doing things we don't like such as jumping up
  • Emergency and safety behaviours - such as staying in one place, stop and leave.

When you book a package of support, you will get some fantastic bonuses too!

  1. After each session you will get an audio recording to remind you of the main points covered in the session.
  2. Training plans (as appropriate) to help you keep on track at home.
  3. Free enrolment on our Happy Training The Foundations online course!

These are not for behaviour related issues.  If in doubt please contact us before booking.

Or why not try...

'Mix and Match' package 

You'll start off with a virtual session with Karen, which is deal if you are waiting your pup's course of vaccinations to complete and don't want to miss valuable time in their early learning and development.  You'll agree a training plan to get started on straight away and then you'll then decide with Karen whether to do in person or virtual sessions (for sessions 2 and 3) based on your individual needs and preferences.


Virtual support

Our Happy Puppy, Happy You package is tailored for pups under 6m old.

If you have a dog over 6m old, you can also benefit from video support and virtual training sessions with Karen.

Karen is a lovely woman and her sensible advice and guidance has been invaluable. She showed me how to make every training issue a game and to be consistent.  More importantly Karen explained how to view each experience from the perspective of the puppy. This has enabled me to head off potential problems and allow Rosie to feel safe and secure with me.  Many of my friends have commented that she is a lovely, calm and happy dog. It has been worth every penny. 
Margaret and Rosie the Cocker Spaniel