It's official, Bo loves Butternut Box!

It's official, Bo loves Butternut Box!

We've just changed Bo's food to Butternut Box and he absolutely loves it!

Sadly he's been diagnosed with cancer and was no longer engaging with his "normal" food. After researching different healthy options online, we discovered Butternut Box and thought we'd give it a go. All we can say is wow! We really cannot sing their praises highly enough.

Their website is fab and they will tailor a menu to suit your individual dog based on their health, level of fussiness, how active they are and how many treats they normally get.

Butternut Box definitely gets a big paws up from our Bo and he loved his cute bandana too!


We were so impressed with the quality of the food, the delivery arrangements and the customer service that we have signed up to be Butternut Box Ambassadors.

We can honestly say that Bo has never enjoyed his food so much and are pretty sure your doggle will love it too.

Bo's first box included Chow Down Chicken, Swish Fish, Wham Bam Lamb, Beef It Up and Gobble Gobble Turkey...and they have all gone down a treat.

Each meal is made up of a healthy meat or fish protein source (around 60%) and other healthy and low fat ingredients such as sweet potato, vegetables, lentils and chickpeas.

They are all cooked at a low temperature and vacuum packed and are delivered to your door frozen. Once defrosted they'll stay fresh in the fridge for a few days too!

Give it a go...we think you won't regret it.