What We Are All About...

Your Blue Dog Experience

Our aim is to provide high quality activities that enable you and your dog to have a fun, positive, bonding experience, while at the same time getting information and skills you'll need in everyday life.  

You can expect:

  1.  A top quality and safe activity as we are qualified, insured and all of our sessions are fully risk assessed.
  2. Training that is fun and rewarding for you and your puppy or dog, we like to inject the "fun factor" into our activities.
  3. Real life training using real life outdoor venues wherever possible.
  4.  A focus on training essential commands that you will need in everyday life.
  5.  Activities which are tailored so that are suitable for all pups  and dogs regardless of age, experience, breed or size. 
  6. The use of ethical, modern and science based methods that are proven to work.
  7.  Step by step guidance notes for each activity  we do so you can continue to train at home.
  8.  A range of additional fun training and enrichment activities such as agility, nosework and trick  training to provide your dog with additional mental stimulation and  enjoyment.
  9. A high quality service at a competitive price.
  10. The information and advice you need to enrich your dogs life and help prevent unwanted behaviour and problems in the long term.
  11. Sessions that are family friendly and where children are encouraged and supported to participate.
  12. Activities that are accessible for people with mobility issues or disabilities.