Brand New Puppy Venue For January 201

We are really excited  to have a new venue for our Pawsitive Puppy Foundations.

From 8 January we will be offering a five week Pawsitive Puppy Foundations course in Springwell Village Hall, which has a village location and is located near the Sunderland - Gateshead boundary.

There's parking on site, and the hall is lovely and welcoming.

Thanks to to Springwell Village Hall committee for welcoming us and our pups!

Pawsitive Puppy Foundations

  • Sunday 19 November 10.15am at Birtley Leisure Centre
  • Monday 8 January 6.30pm at Springwell Village Hall
  • Sunday 21 January 10.30am at The Winlaton Centre

These are comprehensive foundation and socialisation courses for puppies up to 18 weeks old at the start of the course. These sessions are structured so that puppies have lovely positive experiences without feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or fearful.  This really is a great way for you to support your puppy to grow up to be a confident and happy dog.

Only £10 per session

Through play, socialisation and confidence building activities, guidance and tips we will help you give your puppy experiences that will help prepare them life in the real world.  We cover:

  • How to socialise your puppy carefully and effectively 
  • How to prevent fears and anxieties developing
  • Common puppy issues including housetraining, mouthing, chewing, jumping up
  • How to introduce different experiences in a positive way to build confidence and independence
  • Canine body language so you can understand what your pup is telling you
  • Managed play time with other puppies
  • How to train useful,everyday commands the fun way
  • Helping your pup to chill out and relax and go to bed on cue.
  • Baby agility for confidence and body awareness
  • Play and enrichment activities that are fun, mentally stimulation and rewarding
  • How to teach your pup essential safety cues "drop it" and "leave it" so it's a game
  • How to introduce new equipment such as harnesses and muzzles in a positive way
  • What you can do to help prevent them guarding their stuff
  • Simulating vet checks and grooming.
  • Basic first aid awareness.

Following this puppies can continue their development and learning by attending one of our Fun, Tricks and Training courses.  These are offered in lovely, safe outdoor indoor locations and they will mix with other pups and dogs and you will learn how to train the essential cues needed in everyday life. These are great for supporting ongoing socialisation and development.


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Minimum order is £5 (vouchers are sold in multiples of £5) and can be redeemed against group or one to one support.