We Have A Lovely Indoor Venue For Winter For Puppy And Small Group Activities

We are super excited about running sessions at our new winter venue, Birtley Leisure Centre.

From 11 November we will be offering our Puppy and small group sessions in the Sports Hall.

We'd like to thank the Leisure Centre Staff Team for being so welcoming and supportive and can't wait to start our sessions there.

Check out our timetable to see what we have planned for this venue, Swalwell Cricket Club and at Mypetstop

Pawsitive Puppy Foundations

Next four week courses:

  • Saturday 30 September at 10.30am at Swalwell Cricket Club
  • Sunday 19 November 10.15am at Birtley Leisure Centre

These are foundation and socialisation courses for puppies under 5 months. These sessions are structured so that puppies have positive experiences without feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or fearful.  This really is a great way for you to support your puppy to grow up to be a confident and happy dog.

*Please note there is no session 21 October, (course starting 30 September) so the last date will be for this course is 28 October - let us know if you have to miss one and we will make sure you don't miss out)

Only £40 for four sessions.

Through play, socialisation and confidence building activities, guidance and tips we will help you give your puppy experiences that will help prepare them life in the real world.  We cover:

  • Careful and appropriate socialisation 
  • Preventing fears and anxiety
  • Dealing with common puppy issues
  • Introducing different experiences in a positive way to build confidence and independence
  • Reading their body language - what is it telling you?
  • Managed play time with other puppies
  • Basic "obedience" training in a fun way
  • Teaching a pup to chill out and relax
  • Baby agility for confidence and body awareness
  • Play and enrichment activities that are fun and rewarding
  • How to teach your pup essential safety cues "drop it" and "leave it" so it's a game

Following this puppies can continue their development and learning by attending one of our Fun, Tricks and Training courses.  These are offered in lovely, safe outdoor locations and they will mix with other pups and dogs and you will learn how to train the essential cues needed in everyday life. These are great for supporting ongoing socialisation and development.


New Pawsitive Puppy Social

  • Saturday 23 September 11.45am at Swalwell Cricket Club
  • Sunday 22 October 10.15am at Swalwell Cricket Club
  • Saturday 11 November 10.15am at Birtley Leisure centre

These are special one-off sessions that are designed and structured to provide confidence building and appropriate socialisation opportunities for puppies under 5 months old. 

Sessions include activities, guidance and advice which will help you ensure your puppy has positive experiences and build their confidence and independence.  The sessions will help you at home with ongoing socialisation, so you can support your pup to deal with the world around them without fear or anxiety.

Puppies have carefully managed play time, so that it is a positive experience for all, and we look at how to read your puppies body language.  This will help you know when they are feeling relaxed and happy as well as what to look out for when they are feeling anxious so you can act appropriately.

£10 per puppy.

Boredom Busters

"Boredom Busters" 

Only £10 per pup or dog.

  • Saturday 23 September 10.30am at Swalwell Cricket Club

Dogs aren't meant to be couch potatoes and they need jobs, interests and hobbies just like us.  They don't watch TV, read books , listen to music or go to the pub so let's help them out with fun activities to stop them getting bored. 

Bored dogs tend find their own source of amusement - barking, chewing and nipping being particular favourites.  

We humans shouldn't underestimtate the importance of mental stimulation and the part it plays in keeping our dogs healthy and happy, and reducing unwanted behaviour.

This fun 60 minute session will give you some great ideas for play, enrichment and mental stimulation that you can replicate at home and easily build in to your everyday routine.

Walk This Way Loose Lead Walking 

"Walk This Way" 

  • Sunday 8 October 12.45pm at Swalwell Cricket Club

To your pup or dog,going out for a walk is one of (if not the) highlight of their day. So it's only to be expected that they are super excited to be out and about and naturally push ahead.  However, this can mean that it's not much fun for you and is potentially unsafe.

We believe that all dogs should be trained to walk nicely on the lead, so that you both enjoy your walks together and that they are safe.  It's no fun being dragged around by an over excited dog!

We will help you put the foundations in place so you can train your dog to walk with a loose lead.  This isn't about "obedience" heeling, this is about teaching your dog to walk without pulling whenever you are out and about together.

If you have a dog that pulls you should definitely come along to this 75 minute, fully coached session.  You will be given guidance and support throughout so you will be able to continue your dog's training back at home.

Only £15 per dog.


Blue Dog At 

Next session:

  • "Boredom Busters" Friday 29 September at 7pm
  • "Stop, Drop, Leave and Stay" Friday 13 October at 7pm

Book a place direct with Mypetstop on 0191 5371344

Dates For Your Diary

We have some great new sessions coming soon and would hate you to miss out!

Baby Come Back Recall Sessions

“Baby Come Back”

Teach your dog a reliable recall

  • Saturday 30 September 2.15pm at Swalwell Cricket Club
  • Sunday 22 October 12.45pm at Swalwell Cricket Club

Would you bet £100 on your dog coming back every time you call them? If not, then the “Baby Come Back” session could be right up your street.  

In this one-off 75 minute session (suitable for all dogs) you will learn how to work on a achieving a rock solid recall through playing recall games and making it fun for your dog.  You will gain the skills you need to practice at home with your dog, to enable you to train a reliable recall. We advise early booking as places are limited.

Only £15 for a fully coached session plus step by step exercise to continue training at home.


Nosework Fun!

“Search and Sniff" at Swalwell CC

A great way to get started with nosework. It's a lovely session that provides essential mental stimulation and is fun and rewarding for you and your dog:

  • Part 2/3 Saturday 23 September 1pm 
  • Part 1 Sunday 24 September 4.45pm
  • Part 2 Sunday 8 October 12.45pm
  • Part 3 Sunday 22 October 2.15pm

Keep an eye out for Part 4 and Part 5 dates.

Only £10 per dog.

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