We've Got Some Lovely Activities Planned...

We want you to have a great experience, and that is why we use spacious, "real-life" outdoor venues wherever possible and keep our groups relatively small in numbers. This means your dog will have plenty of space if they need it and they will meet other dogs in a controlled and safe way.  You are more than welcome to bring family and friends along so that everyone can join in the fun!  If you are not sure if our sessions are for you, then these sessions are a great option for you to try them out.

A group environment is not necessarily a suitable option for some dogs.  Contact us if your dog is nervous, anxious or reactive please to discuss what best suits your pup or dogs needs.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to find out more.  If you want to see what we do for yourself, just pop along and view one of our activities in action - no appointment needed.


Something Just For Those Little Paws...

“Little Paw Learners" 

Sunday 25 March 4.30pm at The Winlaton Centre

These sessions at The Winlaton Centre are specifically designed for toy, small and small-medium breeds (small-medium breed examples are Border Terriers, Cockapoos and Miniature Schnauzers).

Over the three weeks you and your pup or dog will have a great time together and enjoy lots of fun training games, mini fun agility, clicker training activities, nosework and trick training.

£10 per pup or dog per session.

Keep Your Dog Safe From Harm

NEW Pawsitively Safe and Sound

Saturday 7 April 1.30pm

In this session you will learn how to train the big five safety cues that really could save your dogs life:

  1. Recall
  2. Leave it
  3. Stay there
  4. Emergency stop
  5. Wait!

We'll also support you to train your dog to "drop things" on cue.

Using fun and reward based training activities you will learn how to teach your dog these essential safety cues and help keep them safe from harm.

£20 for a fully coached 90 minute small group session plus detailed training notes to help you at home.

Went to Stop, Drop, Stay and Leave as well as Agility Foundations with our high energy Cockapoo.  Learnt so much.  Have been to other trainers but Karen is full of brilliant ideas for training and easy to do at home. Highly recommend.


Training Classes To Help With Common Problems - 

Not Coming Back, Jumping Up And Pulling On The Lead

“Three Steps To Pawfection"

Saturday 24 March 1.30pm at Swalwell Cricket Club

Step one: Let's teach our dogs not to jump up

Step two: Let's teach our dogs to walk nicely on the lead

Step three: Let's teach our dogs to come back when they are called

We'll use fun training activities throughout this 75 minute session to put a foundation in place to help train your dog not to pull or jump up and to reliably come back when you call them.

£20 for a fully coached 90 minute session plus detailed training notes to help you at home.

We did 3 steps to pawfection session. It was really good. We enjoyed meeting other dogs and found the whole session really helpful.  Very positive trainer and assistant.  Would recommend to others. Great session and hope to do more.
Laura and Max the Bed-Spring

“Baby Come Back"


If you wouldn't bet £100 that your dog would come back when you called, then this is definitely for you!  Recall  really is one of the most important things anyone can teach their dog! 

We dedicate the full session to helping you put solid foundations in place and help you learn how to train an reliable recall using fun training activities that you can then use at home.

£12 for a fully coached 60 minute session plus detailed training notes to help you at home.

There was positive encouragement for both owners and dogs and not once did I feel judged or inadequate for either me or my dog not getting or understanding something the first time."  
Claire and Teddy the Labradoodle

“Walk This Way" Loose Lead Walking


We know that it's no fun having a dog that pulls on the lead and in some situations it's even dangerous.  That's why we offer these loose lead walking sessions.  

We will go right back to basics and help and support you train your dog to walk on a loose lead using reward based training activities.

£12 for a fully coached 60 minute session plus detailed training notes to help you at home.

The Walk This Way session was great fun with easy to follow instructions and useful tips that I will take away. This session is great value for money
Suzanne and Ozzie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Keep Your Dog's Brain Active!

“Boredom Busters"

Boredom is a real issue for many of our domesticated dogs and can lead to poor mental wellbeing and unwanted behaviours developing.  

Activities are designed to be easily be built in to your dog's daily life to provide them with essential mental stimulation. 

We'll try out things such as clicker training, trick training, interactive feeding methods and nosework.

Only £12 per pup or dog for a 60 minute session with supporting training notes to help you at home.

Thanks for a fun session today, Alfie has pretty much slept since we got back.  We use a clicker a lot but not free clicking like the hoop work, looking forward to exploring that with him some more.  Highly recommend this session.

“Let's Trick Together"

Trick training is a great way to bond with your dog, have fun together and provide them with essential mental stimulation.  It;'s suitable for pups and dogs and is a great confidence building activity.  

It can be of real benefit to dogs who are nervous or anxious as it's a lovely way for you to spend one to one time with them.  

It's a wonderful way of increasing your dog's ability to learn and try new things.  They'll love it!

Only £10 per dog.

Wasn't sure what to expect & thought only certain breeds would manage it - total misconception. Daisy (Shar Pei pup) and I had a brilliant time. 
The emphasis on the day was all about having FUN with our dogs - and we certainly had that! Daisy loved every minute and had a smile on her face all day.  If you're looking to have more fun time with your dogs don't hesitate to try this.

Lesley & Daisy

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

We tried the taster sessions with our little staffie at the weekend and both me and him thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Karen and Phil are great with the dogs, but are equally good with people too!  We'll definitely be back and have already been recommending the place!
Zoe and Hugo the Staffie
We really enjoyed Tricks and Treats and it was easier than I thought to teach an old dog new tricks! It was very welcoming and we really enjoyed the session.
Vicki and Spartacus the Parson Terrier
A great Search and Sniff session with lots of things I'll be able to practise and develop at home.  Thanks so much!
Fabulous, fun and relaxed Baby Come Back training session. Will definitely be booking some more!
Karen and Sidney the Cockapoo.
Ted, Tom and I really enjoyed the Baby Come Back session. It was organised, fun and very friendly. The venue was clean and tidy with ample car parking. I would highly recommend your training classes.
Lindis and Ted the Dalmation.
Took both of my dogs to Baby Come Back. My puppy absolutely loved it. Would highly recommend this fun training. My older dog loved it too and took it in her stride. Lovely atmosphere, fun day and Karen is brilliant with all the dogs.
Dawn, Penny the Westie and Buddy the Shih Tzu
We really enjoyed the session. Both dogs were engaged and Karen and Phil made us feel really welcome and at ease. They were both  friendly and understood that my reactive dogs needed plenty of space. I would recommend Blue Dog to any of my friends considering dog training sessions. This has really whetted my appetite for more!
Gillian and Annie the Jackawawa and Howard the Westie

Great Days!

What You Need To Know

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