Give Your Puppy A Great Start In Life

Our puppy services and activities are designed to give you individual support, so you get the knowledge and information you need so you can your give your puppy the best start you can, and prepare them for life in the real world. 

With our help and guidance you will learn how you can help your puppy to have positive experiences at this critical stage in their life, so that they grow up happy, confident and without fearfulness or anxiety.

New Pawsitive Puppy Socials

  • Saturday 23 September 11.45am at Swalwell Cricket Club
  • Sunday 22 October 10.15am at Swalwell Cricket Club
  • Saturday 11 October 10.15am at Birtley Leisure Centre

These are special one-off sessions that we have designed and structured to provide confidence building and appropriate socialisation opportunities for puppies under 6 months old. 

Sessions relaxed and friendly and include fun activities, guidance and advice which will help you ensure your puppy has positive experiences and build their confidence and independence.  The sessions will help you at home with ongoing socialisation, so you can support your pup to deal with the world around them without fear or anxiety.

Puppies have carefully managed play time, so that it is a positive experience for all, and we look at how to read your puppies body language.  This will help you know when they are feeling relaxed and happy as well as what to look out for when they are feeling anxious so you can act appropriately.

Only £10 per dog


Pawsitive Puppy Foundations

Next four week courses:

  • Saturday 30 September at 10.30am at Swalwell Cricket Club - this course is now full but we are looking at running another please contact us to register your interest
  • Sunday 19 November 10.15am at Birtley Leisure Centre

These are foundation and socialisation courses for puppies under 5 months. These sessions are structured so that puppies have positive experiences without feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or fearful.  This really is a great way for you to support your puppy to grow up to be a confident and happy dog.

*Please note there is no session 21 October, (course starting 30 September) so the last date will be for this course is 28 October - let us know if you have to miss one and we will make sure you don't miss out)

Only £40 for four sessions.

Through play, socialisation and confidence building activities, guidance and tips we will help you give your puppy experiences that will help prepare them life in the real world.  We cover:

  • Careful and appropriate socialisation 
  • Preventing fears and anxiety
  • Dealing with common puppy issues
  • Introducing different experiences in a positive way to build confidence and independence
  • Reading their body language - what is it telling you?
  • Managed play time with other puppies
  • Basic "obedience" training in a fun way
  • Teaching a pup to chill out and relax
  • Baby agility for confidence and body awareness
  • Play and enrichment activities that are fun and rewarding
  • How to teach your pup essential safety cues "drop it" and "leave it" so it's a game

Following this puppies can continue their development and learning by attending one of our Fun, Tricks and Training courses.  These are offered in lovely, safe outdoor locations and they will mix with other pups and dogs and you will learn how to train the essential cues needed in everyday life. These are great for supporting ongoing socialisation and development.


Puppy Home Visits

These home visits are ideal if you are a new puppy owner.  We will support you to put a structure in place so that your puppy develops into a well-rounded, confident and happy dog and minimise the chance for unwanted behaviours occurring.  

We are flexible with dates and times and can offer you guidance and support with common puppy issues such as:

  • socialising your puppy appropriately
  • addressing unwanted behaviour such as jumping up, nipping, mouthing and chewing
  • preventing unwanted behaviours, fear and separation distress.
  • basic puppy training  
  • effective crate and house training
  • basic diet, health and exercise and vet support
  • bonding with your puppy
  • safe child-dog interactions
  • play, enrichment and stimulation
  • introductions to other pets
  • dog law and your responsibility as an owner

By booking a home visit you will receive individual advice and guidance which can be invaluable in preventing unwanted behaviours such as jumping up, nipping and inappropriate chewing developing. 

Only £60 per home visit with follow up support. You also receive a comprehensive Blue Dog Pawfect Puppy PDF Handbook which has loads of useful information, guidance and tips (worth £5.00). 


Special Offer - Give Your Pup A Great Start With Our Puppy Package  


Combine a Puppy Home Visit and a Foundation Course for only £90 - a saving of £10 (normal cost when booked separately £100).

Pups (And Hoomans) Having A Pawfect Time At Puppy Foundations

Group Training Classes

In these fun and welcoming you will learn how to train the essential "obedience"cues you'll need everyday by making training fun and interactive.  Your pup will meet other pups and older dogs in a controlled and safe way.  They will be on a lead or long line throughout the session.

  • Saturday 30 September 11.45am at Swalwell Cricket Club

The five week Fun, Tricks and Training Bronze Certificate is perfect for vaccinated puppies and dogs with little or no recent training experience or as a refresher. This is suitable for almost all puppies and dogs regardless of age, breed or experience. If your puppy is under 20 weeks, please contact us to discuss which venue would be the most suitable for you and your puppy.

In Home Puppy Essentials Training

If you are unable to make one of our group training classes, we can bring our training to you!  We will cover the everyday training you will need in everyday life as well as some fun activities to provide essential mental stimulation. 

These sessions are fun and family friendly so everyone can be involved.  You will also benefit from our comprehensive step-by-step handouts to continue your training in between sessions and ongoing support.  From only £35 per session or four sessions for £120 

Pre-Puppy Preparation and Guidance


If you are thinking of getting a puppy we can provide guidance on the many things you should consider before taking the plunge.  Buying a puppy is such a commitment and we want to support people so that they can make an informed choice.  Benefit from guidance on topics including:

  • Identifying a breeds that are right for your lifestyle and family
  • What to look for in a good breeder
  • Things to ask a breeder
  • What to consider when visiting the breeder and puppies
  • Establishing a bond with your chosen puppy before they come home
  • What essentials you'll need to prepare for your puppy
  • How to introduce your puppy into your home and ensure they settle in
  • Introductions to other pets and children

Telephone / Skype / Video consultations start from £15 and home visits can be arranged from £40.


Family Training Sessions

If you have children, we can offer family sessions where we will work with you and your children at your home. 

Sessions are fun, interactive and educational and will to help your children understand how to interact appropriately and safely, read dog body language and understand warning signs and respect the puppy and give them space when they need it.  

We also include fun training and appropriate play activities to strengthen the bond with your puppy and have fun together.

£50 per session


Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

From the very first message Karen has been fantastic! She gave me tips on everything and the support continued afterwards too! This has given me huge confidence. I would 100% recommend Karen and her services.

Jenna and Rocco the Cockerpoo
We had a puppy visit from Karen when he was 8 weeks old as we didn't want to encourage any bad behaviours. It was a very positive visit and he has already shown improvements only 2 days later! 

Fay and Albi the Working Cocker Spaniel
Had a visit when we first brought Pippa home.  Karen gave us some really good tips which we wouldn't of thought of ourselves.  We found it reassuring to know we were setting off on the right track! Would definitely recommend."

Mandy and Pippa the Cocker 
As we have never had a puppy before, we asked Karen to come out for a home visit.  Karen was really friendly, helpful and informative and Alfie loved her. We are looking forward to taking Alfie to the puppy classes"

Jane and Alfie the Toy Poodle

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