We Offer Quality Nosework Activities With A Trained Scentwork Instructor

Karen has recently trained as Scentwork Instructor with the UK College of Scent Dogs and is now a trainer with Scentwork UK.  

Using their nose used to be critical to a dog's survival, however dogs today tend to be a bit out of practice.  

Our dogs don’t have hobbies, read or watch TV and most don't go to work.  Life can get pretty boring for them... nosework is a great way of giving them something fun and rewarding to do, provides essential stimulation and gets them to use their noses again.

There are so many benefits and such a  lovely way to spend time with your pup or dog.

Benefits of nosework:

  • It is fun and rewarding
  • It fulfils many of a dogs natural instincts
  • Nosework gives them a job to do and helps prevent boredom
  • It builds confidence
  • Promotes independent working
  • A pleasantly tired dog usually means happy dog
  • They are less likely to engage in destructive behaviour
  • Activities are easy to do at home
  • All dogs can participate and enjoy it!.

New For 2018...Introduction To Scentwork For Pet Dogs

Think your dog can't do nosework - think again!  ALL dogs can benefit from this fabulous activity..

An Introduction to Scentwork For Pet Dogs Level 1

  • Sunday 12 August 6.30pm at The Winlaton Centre

£50 for a three week course including your scentwork starter kit.

This is a three week introduction to the wonderful world of scentwork.  You will work together with your dog as a team an learn the basics in how to search for a target scent and start to undertake the searches needed to compete in Scentwork UK trials.  Each session lasts 75 minutes and over the three weeks we'll look at box and luggage searches, table and chair searches, pipe searches and vehicle searches.

The searches will follow the Scentwork UK programme which we then will build on in Level 2.

Places limited to six dogs.

Search and Sniff Nosework Foundations



A fun nosework session where we will introduce basic food searches using a search cue.  We'll gradually make the searches more difficult to keep the dogs progressing.

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Absolutely loved it.  It was a lovely and informal, yet safe and secure environment for the dogs to have fun and socialises.  Already booked up for more and really looking forward to it.  Can't recommend Blue Dog Canine Services enough.

Angela and Ruby 

Nosey Barkers Group

Sunday 15 July 6.15pm

For dogs that have completed their Introduction to Scentwork Level 2.  This is the next step to keep on developing those nosework skills and meet other dogs and their hoomans.

Private Training

Introduction to Scentwork Private Sessions

£45 per session at your home

If you prefer to train privately, Karen can offer private scentwork training for you and your dog.  Please enquire below.

What You Need To Know

Click to see important information for group participants and terms and conditions of booking.

A group environment is not necessarily a suitable option for some dogs.  Contact us if your dog is nervous, anxious or reactive please to discuss what best suits your pup or dogs needs.