Meet Our Very Own "Blue Dogs" Missy and Bo

Bo and Missy are our Kerry Blue Terriers and are the inspiration for Blue Dog.  They are loving, full of fun and we would say they even have a "touch of the Blarney". 

Sadly, despite a Kerry winning Crufts in 2000, they are currently identified by the Kennel Club as a Vulnerable Native Breed

Missy and Bo couldn't be more different, but they really are the best of friends. Bo is our eldest and is seven in February and since his coat cleared to grey he does look like a little old man. Missy was six in September and she still looks and acts like a puppy!

Meet Missy

Missy is full of energy and just adores running.  She is like lightning when she gets going! She's super affectionate and a really "kissy" girl.  She needs her space when she's on the lead and wears her "I need space" neckerchief to let other's know. That's the reason we sponsor the Yellowdog UK project.

Meet Bo

Bo is a clown who constantly makes us laugh.  He loves his blanket, his ball and his cuddly toys, especially his panda and his pink pig! He's a bit of a couch potato, loves watching sport on TV and only really runs flat out when we are playing fetch. 

These fantastic photos of Bo and Missy were taken by Life Studios a local photography business.  Paul who took these photographs has just won the Master Photography North East Region Pet Awards.

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The Best Of Friends