We've Got Some Lovely Activities Planned...

All breeds of dog were bred for a particular purpose, and therefore each breed has particular characteristics and traits...hounds were bred to follow their noses, gun dogs bred to retrieve, herders to herd cattle and sheep and terriers to hunt and kill.

Understanding what makes your dog tick and what they find rewarding is the key to a fulfilling and harmonious relationship.  

Between us we've owned a Springer Spaniel, a Beagle and two Dalmations and two Kerry Blue Terrrier, and therefore we know just what a difference there is between these breeds.  That's why we are now offering breed specific activities to help owners and their dogs develop a successful partnership based on trust and understanding.

Brand New Sessions Just Added

The Collie Collective

New “Collie Collective" Session

  • Sunday 17 June 10am at Swalwell Cricket Club - £18

This is a small group session for Border Collies who are friendly and not reactive to other dogs or people.

It is a session where we try out activities for Collies that do not create frustration and that give them an appropriate outlet for their herding instincts.  The aim of the session is to get some ideas to replicate at home, in order to keep them happy and healthy.

Please note this is not a session that will tackle behaviour issues, please contact us if you feel as though you need behaviour support.

Tremendous Terriers

New “Tremendous Terriers" Session

  • Saturday 16 June 12.45pm at Swalwell Cricket Club - £18

Terriers were n the main bred to work independently, hunt and kill vermin, dig underground and to bark a lot!  These traits can make life difficult for the modern day terrier owner and present quite a few training challenges.

This group aims to help you understand your terrier a bit more and how to work with and respect their terrier traits in order to train them effectively.  This group is not suitable for dogs who are reactive to dogs or people, please contact us to discuss options if your dog is reactive.

New Cockapoo Capers Group

"Cockapoo Capers" at Swalwell Cricket Club

  • Saturday 2 June 12.45pm
  • Sunday 8 July 12.45pm

A brand new group for Summer 2018 specifically designed to meet the breed needs of both the "Cocker" and the "Poo".

Relaxed and social sessions where you'll meet other owners and participate in a range of fun activities and training games that you can replicate at home.

We'll look at how you can use play, enrichment and training to provide essential stimulation, give them a "hobby" and fulfil their natural instincts.

Cavapoos and Labradoodles are welcome too.

Places are limited and you must book in advance.

Thank you so much for a really fun learning experience for Dexter and I. We both learnt a lot which we will continue to work on at home.   It was brilliant hosting the session for cockapoos as it gave me a chance to socialise with other owners and to discuss and share experiences, which I found invaluable! I loved your training style as it was really cheery and you were great with the dogs giving them good vibes of encouragement in a very positive way!

Andrea and Dexter

Brand New Fun-Dog Gundog Course

“Gun Dog, Fun Dog" 

A four week course teaching basic gundog skills the positive way!

30 June 11.45am


A group for owners of  pet gun dog breeds, including crosses such as Cockapoos and Labradoodles.

Over the four weeks we'll start to look at how to use positive reinforcement to train some of the basic gun dog activities including sit/stay, recall, heelwork, directional cues and retrieving.

Please note that this is a very informal group teaching basic skills for fun, it is not a course for owners who'd like to train their dogs to work or compete.

Looking forward to this!

What You Need To Know

Click to see important information for group participants and terms and conditions of booking.

A group environment is not necessarily a suitable option for some dogs.  Contact us if your dog is nervous, anxious or reactive please to discuss what best suits your pup or dogs needs.