Support For More In Depth Issues

Karen is accredited in Advanced Canine Behaviour and can offer individual advice and support in some situations.

She can help you address more complex issues such as excessive barking, phobias and separation distress. 

Each case is assessed individually when you first make contact with us and Karen may not be able to take on all cases. 

Please note, you must tell Karen if your dog has ever displayed aggressive behaviour towards humans or other animals.

Our initial package of support includes:

  • A full assessment of the specific issue
  • A comprehensive consultation at your home 
  • A one to one report 
  • Step by step training notes where applicable 
  • A follow up phone or video consultation
  • Discounted follow up visits

This initial package of support costs from £55 depending upon the nature of the case.  

Please send us a message briefly outlining what you'd like her help with and a CONTACT TELEPHONE number and she will be in touch to discuss your issue further (usually within 48 hours).

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

After following Karen's advice I found it much easier to work with Digger and he now responds well to commands and is not as nervous as he was. Training him is a pleasure and I realise that it is a long term process - there are rarely quick fixes just consistency and patience!  Digger and I are now a team and he loves to visit my mum in her care home where he has become quite a popular chap!!
Barbara and Diggerdog the 3 yo Romanian Rescue rescue Terrier Cross
I can't thank Karen enough for helping me get on the right path to dealing with my Chihuahua when he's aggressive. He has come on great after a week of putting things in place. Thanks Karen you're a star.
Lissa and Marley the Chihuahua