Support For More In Depth Issues

From £60 per session*

Karen has undertaken accredited study in Canine Behaviour and can offer individual advice and support.  

Karen offers a basic package where you will benefit from:

  • An initial assessment by telephone
  • A video consultation or home visit as appropriate to the situation
  • A detailed one to one report
  • An appropriate training plan and support to implement it 
  • A follow up video consult (home visit is an optional extra)
  • Discounted additional sessions

Each case is assessed individually when you first make contact to determine appropriate next steps.

*Additional cost per home visit is £25

Terms and conditions apply

Help For Dogs Who Are Reactive

Karen offers a package of support for dogs who are reactive to other dogs, people or other specific triggers.

There is no quick fix and Karen will work with you to put a protocol in place to start to manage and address the issue.

An initial package of support costs £95 which includes:

  • An assessment and initial consultation by telephone or video 
  • An in person one to one "set-up"session at Swalwell Cricket Club working through exercises in the presence of another "friendly" dog and handler (if your dog is dog reactive), a helper (if your dog is people reactive) or specific trigger (if appropriate).
  • A detailed one to one report
  • An appropriate training plan and support to implement it
  • A follow up telephone or video consultation
  • Further discounted sessions at Swalwell Cricket Club with a handler and "friendly" dog starting at £35.

Terms and conditions apply

See If Karen Can Help

Please send us a message briefly outlining what you'd like her help with and a CONTACT TELEPHONE number and she will be in touch to discuss your issue further (usually within 48 hours).

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

After following Karen's advice I found it much easier to work with Digger and he now responds well to commands and is not as nervous as he was. Training him is a pleasure and I realise that it is a long term process - there are rarely quick fixes just consistency and patience!  Digger and I are now a team and he loves to visit my mum in her care home where he has become quite a popular chap!!
Barbara and Diggerdog the 3 yo Romanian Rescue rescue Terrier Cross
I can't thank Karen enough for helping me get on the right path to dealing with my Chihuahua when he's aggressive. He has come on great after a week of putting things in place. Thanks Karen you're a star.
Lissa and Marley the Chihuahua